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Harishchandra Gad via Taramati Ghal visited by Team VRangers

Hi All trekkers, finally we VRangers team visited Taramati Ghal …….

Special Thanks:
Arun Sawant Sir, with his guidance we able to complete the trek as he was the first trekker who explored this ghal/Naal/Route.

Team Members:

Andy (Ananda), Dada (Sudhir), Doctor (Dipendra), Kundya-Patient (Kundan), Dushya (Dushyant).

Best time to visit: Nov to Jan.

Base Village: Thitbhi near Savrne Village.

Water availability: Only three month from Nov to Jan.

Note: Taramati ghal is very close to Rohidas ( To identify Rohidas you will see a nedhe on top). from thitbhi village Rohidas is exactly on right side of Explored Ghal / naal / Dhar / Nali.

Exploration Time : 12 hrs ( as we lost route 3 times).

Equipment: You need to have min 40-50 ft min 2 ropes (as we carried 180ft ropes ) with safety equipments.

First of all I would like to thank Arun sir who explored this naal first for enthu trekkers like us. Under his leadership I have done exploration of this ghal in the month of Nov 2014. To revisit this naal once again we five Rangers started journey on 13th Ngt (Feb 2015) to Thitbhi village which is nearby Savrne village. As we have planned to meet at 10 pm to Kalyan ST stand but we all met at 10.40 pm and we got Nagar ST Bus which reached Savrne Fata by 12.40 am. Then we started to walk about 2.5km to thitbhi village with an amazing sky observation with mobile apps.
We reached about 01:45 am and took rest @ Sable mama home. As per our plan we started our trek by 06.30 am & we reached kalu waterfall and started our preparation for breakfast.

Kundan arranged place to cook maggi (CHUULL) , Dipendra & sudhir collected some wooden sticks for burning.

Breakfast with VRangers

My work to prepare maggi, Dushyant is busy in taking pictures. with the rays of Light we cooked our 2 min maggi in 10 min.

On the way I guided my mates showing MTDC resort wall, Reythicha Zara, Kalu waterfall and the actual trek began but here I forgot the right turn to reach 2nd waterfall route/Dhaar, as I was sure we need to cross first waterfall route and second whaterfall route/Dhaar is our naal so we lost in the start and wasted 50 min and finally after exploring both naal we all got 2nd waterfall route.(It was about 09:30 am)

Way To Taramati Ghal VRangers

Note: As soon you cross kalu river you will get proper villager foot road (PAYWAAT).
after some small climb you will reach to 1st waterfall and in next 20-30 min you will get 2nd waterfall dhhar/naal by moving on right side. follow this naal after some time meance in next 20 min you will get open patch where you can stay if there is water.

I said to my mates that on the way ahead there is very good rock patch where we took breakfast last time when I came with Arun sir and after walking 20-30 min we reached on same patch.We also took break over there. As per my Nov visit there was some water but we didn’t found any water source in the feb month still I was hoping after 2-3 hr trek we will get good source of water (it was 10.30 am by now).

1st Platue - Taramati Ghal VRangers

After 15 min break we once again started our trek. we reached at dead end point where there is a 150-180 ft straight water fall patch ,so I said on our left side there is a route from where we can cross this fall and Kundan found the way,

we started walking ahead but suddenly Dipendra got to know that he has forgot his knife where we had taken break so once again we need to wait for more 50 min here.

Sacree Route on 1st Patch to taramati Ghal(Scree Patch)

this is the patch where Arun sir did bolting for safty of trekkers but unfortunately we didn’t find even a single bolt and I was shocked coz I am sure the patch is same which we crossed last time.

Taramati Ghal First Patch VRangers

( This Patch is having some lose rocks so we need to be more careful while crossing). After crossing this fall in 20 min we will be having water source in a Rock Crack but after reaching the place there was not a single drop of water. Here Dipendra questioned me that Ananda are you sure we are on right route? (it was about 01.15 pm).

harishchandra Gad via new route Taramati ghal

I said yes coz I shown him the place where me and Kaustubh cleaned a small 1 & 1/2 feet round shape hole to get good water next time. Due to this situation I was rethinking to move ahead or not coz I know we are already late and except one more patch we don’t have too much of water after this patch but “ God is Great “ we heard Sudhir got water source by which we got refreshed with only thinking of “there is water”

Water Source at Taramati Ghal

so we all had our Lunch (Bhaji-Chapati-Thecha & Bhakri).With some rest we filled all our bottle and started trek. Here I am somewhat confident that we will get another source of water where myself and vitthal wants to swim. (02.10 pm).

As per my thinking we need more 5 hrs to reach on top of Taramati so everyone laughed and asked nakki 5 hrs na? Then I explained route. With some masti with Dipendra comments we reached near 200ft big fall / dead end of route. This time kundan already in search of route and before informing he found route. But this time left side route is challenging coz here we need to find the route from (karve trees) Jungle and croos the wall from the edges (in short we need to traverse ) which is also

Traverse route of taramati Ghal

After doing traverse we reached a place where I was thinking we will get water but here we didn’t found a single droplet and from here mainly stretch was going to come where actually we are going to know our stamina and physical strength. Here we calculated how much water still remain with us and found still we are having more than 10 ltr (Andy -3, Dip-3, Sudhir-2, Kundan-2, Dushyant-2). with some fruit break we taken 5 min power nap.

Here once again a wrong turn, as I was thinking that we need to take left turn but I was wrong we need to follow same naal so here once again we wasted 1 hr. here Sudhir / Dushyant shown me Rohidas and that discussion continues so now I knew and sure I will never forget Rohidas in my life ……(Kundya Funny comment: Yaar Chala re Lavkar me thamblo ki mazya potat dukhtay so chala lavkar).

Note: To confirm we are on right route there is Love shape rock cut structure. here everyone remembered their Valentines as the day was 14th Feb. 

Love Shape Pond at Taramati

From here we have cross total 7 patches (20-30 ft max.) in that on 2 patches we require ropes. To cross this patch we took 3.30 hrs with the help of Apple/Orange and famous tasty Delicious biscuit (As dushyant taken from out of mumbai ).
Pics of route & patch:

Taramati Ghal Patch

finally it was 7.30 pm but here came a situation that I was unable to recollect that to take right turn or left turn? Now the moon is arising & surrouding getting darken so Kundan & dipendra on left side, me and Sudhir on right side took initiative to search route as kundan unable to cross jungle due to karve trees and sudhir & me took wrong turn that is right side route where we are getting proper climbing patches. While searching I recollected that taramati wall is on my right side not on left side and even last patch i.e. top climbing is also difficult as here Arun Sir Made route to climb up so finally with discussion we decided to stay in valley itself. With the help of rappelling technique we rappelled 150 ft in the valley till 2nd last patch.

Taramati Ghal Stay Of VRangers

(We selected 2nd last patch coz that is totally covered by big rocks and safe also coz in the afternoon we have seen some rock falls due to some monkey walking.We reached our stay place and seen that we have only 4.5 ltr to make food & drink.

Matki Currey & Plane Rice by Andy,

Fried Potato & papad by Dipendra,

Delicious Bhel of matki,papad,farsan & Lasun Chatni by Dushya,

Funny Comment by Dipendra:“ Ye mala kay aag lavlayla aanta kai re ……..

Water Arrangement by Sudhir & Kundan (Here both find a small crack from where there was a single drop coming so to collect that drop both used their minds and really on next day we got total 1 ltr. water to drink.

Even Dipendra also used his mind to get water & really amazed by his thinking , that while leaving he used a cup made up of eaten Jam for collecting water , which was used for hand wash .

About Night stay: It was like heaven for us under the sky me and Kundan adjusted in 1.5 ft X 4 ft King place on other side Dushaynt and Sudhir also trying to adjust.

To adjust with rock Dushyant took total 5 hrs and when he got adjusted in half an hour we need to wake up.

Morning: Kundan is having stomach pain from Friday night and he was not felling well at all in the morning so our Doctor Dipendra did some (Gavti) treatment of calculating some distances ………(Sorry can’t explain only I can laugh…… …….. ……..).Dipendra gives some treatment / diagnosis for stomach pain was super awesome can’t explain or share hahahaha........ (It was too funny & Kundan also got relaxed with same so Dipendra honored on the spot by degree of Doctor) then it is renamed by lots of gavti dr and all.....

Kundan Says: Doctorani sangitle na tar karayche baasss nahi tar thobad phodayche ......

In the morning with breakfast of remaining rice and matki curry (Indian fried rice) with some roasted potatoes we continued our trek and found the route.First sudhir climbed top and confirmed route.
Kundan first crossed patch then Dushyant followed by Dipendra but I don’t know what happen to me I was not confident of crossing that patch

somehow I crossed and finally in 30 min we reached on top and at the end Sudhir come up. Now I am totally relaxed with breath taking views of Rohidas , surrounding foggy nature with its supperbb color shades and awesome malshej ghat views. finally we all summit Taramati Ghal Harishchandra gad in more than 10 hrs.....

Even this ghal Ends in between taramati`s left side extreme end and Start of A Rohidas (Juuner Darwaja Route).

Some amazing clicks By Dushyant:

Malshej Ghat Road

For the first time I tried to write blog of trek journey with some info of the route so if you fine any kind of misteks please ignore or do write me on

Thanks to My God for giving me adventures life.

Harishchandra Gad by VRangers

Photos Credit:
Dushyant – Surrounding & ossam views of Nature photography’s.
Kundan – Captured best moments of trek.

Thanks all team for being a part of nice adventures chapter. 

Finally I am not able to attend Marriage of Sampat Yewle & Satya Narayan Pooja at Dr.
Avantika…. Sorry Rangers...

Blog Writers : Andy,Dushya.

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