Tuesday, March 3, 2015

One of the most beautiful Sunrise from Taramati Ghal - Harishchandra Gad........

Harishchandra Gad is called as second heaven on the earth and even same I realized many times whenever I visited. The beauty of Nature, surrounding, Kokan kada,Rohidas,taramati is simply amazing.

This time VRangers planned Kokankada Camping & Pachnai route which is main for me and that’s the reason finally I decided to visit fort once again for camping and to click photos from my Cam  (as just 2 week before we did taramati ghal of Harishchandra gad)…….

Vrangers Harishchandra Gad

On 27th Ngt Feb 2015, we started our journey to Khubi phata and this time i planned to capture some good photos of HCG (generally while leading I mainly avoid photo shoot) but this time I have decided to concentrate on photography which was my main aim to visit HCG. We reached by 1.15 am to Khireshwar and started our 3.5 km walking till base village from highway. With some chitchat we completed dam route in 40 min. then as per plan we are going to stay in base village but with some discussion we cancelled stay & started trek by 2.15 am.

Slowly slowly we are moving towards HCG in the darkness and by 4.15 we crossed steps and reached approx 3000 ft so here we took tea break in a villagier hut where there is no one then we prepared too sweet tea for which got good reply like “aaaawwwwww………kkkk” as too much sugar added by me mistakenly.Then we reached a point “Taramati Ghal End” which is near to Rohidas then we moved on top of that point near Taramati.

Sun started to rise with his dark/blurr orange shades ……..

many times I seen sun coming from back side of hill and here same thing is happening. 

He is just behind of Rohidas so to click the best shots me and aniket running hear and their…..

Suddenly shades are getting too dark and shining even in the mid of sun there is a black layer so top half sun is looking bright and bottom part dark …… 

it was magnificent view of Sun.I never saw this kind of Sun rise.

Some more random clicks...........

Vrangers Harishchandra Gad camping

 Due to bad weather i am not able to click more photos but it will continue.......

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