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Untouched Valley - Pabar Valley-Kokan Kond Waterfall-Pen Region

"The More that you READ ,the more things you will KNOW ..
The more that you LEARN , the more places you will GO "

It was unplanned trip and decided in very short span of time.
Best time to Visit: Nov to March
Water availability: July to March.
Exploration Time: 6 hrs (As we reached 2nd most top of waterfall).
Region: Pen

First of all I would like to thank my trek buddies who made this trek memorable. As per schedule we are going to meet at Pen but for me it’s difficult journey all the way from Pune to Pen by train, ST, Mini-door, Pvt. cab etc…Somehow I managed to reach by 8.00 am as decided and then had testy breakfast Egg-Bhurji + Bhakri ….it's yummy.

From there we started travelling by our vehicle and reach to base village. The route is like mix combination of  Harishchandra-Nalichi vaat , Shadow of Sandhan Valley , Taramati ghal routes who small water streams all the way till march.

We started trek by 9.40 am and in start after 20 min walk “Bala” who came for the first time and he said “Dadus mi ghari rahilo asto tar bara zala asta ugach mala tangdya tanat aanlav “ … 

Meanwhile ketan was describing information of valley and local villages as he was aware of same….
After crossing many small streams I was wondering when i will reach to the waterfall ? as the route fully covered by trees so “aaplya surya bhavuna dokyavar lavkar yeta yet navte  (no direct contact of sun due to shadow of trees)… route was very pleasant and full of greenery with small water streams.

Here I found one amazing scene where tree leaves getting together like a fish “ I remember childhood story where all small fishes comes together and make unity to survive" 

After nonstop 1.15 min hour walk we reached 1st section of waterfall named by local as “Chota Duk”. As it is 120 ft high approx and at the bottom small pond which is approx 40 ft inside so if you visit please be careful.

120 ft Waterfall Full view
Most people think monsoon Season brings life to the nature & streams.
It is the best season to explore gorgeous waterfalls. 

Top View Of 120 ft Waterfall
But it’s not at all,
Most part of Sahyadri valleys consist water streams throughout the year and small water streams in all season like caniyon waterfall of lonavla....

120 ft Waterfall
We took small break here but our Rangers team already decided to go on top so I was amazed their thinking matches exactly as i think who wish to explore every part as much as possible in time. 
And in another 1.30 hours we reached one more amazing place which is named by local villagers “Motha Duk” approx 450 feet but here flow was vanished only some small amount of water dripping from top of rock. From morning I was thinking the word “Duk” mean and then finally I asked Ketan and prathmesh about this … they both informed as local villagers called waterfall as “duk”.

Motha Duke
This waterfall area known as “Kokan kond waterfall “and have two section as i described above Chota Duk & Motha Duk…
Finally we take rest and had some food but my mind was thinking in another way and all three looking at me and said can we go on top of this …. I was very happy and I can’t express my feelings as they all three said which was in my mind.
Then we looked on the both side of the waterfall and finally we started from one side … we started hike from dense forest by crossing tree roots and big rocks. Another 1.30 hours we climbed in up direction and we reached top here now we all get tired a lot.

Rough Terrain to reach top
But reaching on top is something we achieved which was difficult due to start of summer , we drained a lot and we realized that this fall is too big and cant able to cover in a day.

Sahyadri is the place where your aim should be high but it's another part of coin it is never ending path … however you reaches destiny or point it  shows you it is still exactly more than you reached.
We did Lunch here“Batata Bhaji+ bhakri” now our tummy fully satisfied, now everyone looking at my face and was thinking Now "what next....?" but now i was aware the situation so we decided that next time will come with more planning now we have to return.
The reaction from "Bala: Bara Zala Ananda Da bol la mahnun nahitar...."
But he was unaware of next situation as i don't like to come back from same route so once again taken another call that we will get descend from another way ... Reaction from Bala:"tari bol lo ajun kasa kai navin aale ka nahi". 

The return terrain was scary and slippery but after some time we get a small path which leads downward.

True Feedback: As he was first timer so he was unaware of situations otherwise he was the one who a really good trekker.

After reaching downhill we started return journey it was 4.30 pm. Once again nonstop walking and we reached out by 5.40pm. While doing circular path we came across lots of red rock cut stones, amazing rock cut top and mesmerising views.

Our Route

Finally It was a very good trek and i am proud of being a trekker as i love to be in Nature.

Writer:Ananda,Prathmesh,Bala And Ketan From VRangers

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